McClure Farm Geode Hunt
By Mike Streeter

A great time was had by all who attended the Catawba Valley Gem & Mineral Club's 2011 Kentucky Geode hunt, as demonstrated by following pictures taken on the first of two very hot days.

Kentucky Pastureland

Our fearless leader,
Ann Koebberling

Parking area

Ann with Chrissy & Opal Streeter
heading for the creekbed

Taking a break from
the heat in the shade

Dixie Stoltz (center left)

Leonard McClure & Opal

Rick McClure

Dry creekbed

Terri Russell

Chrissy Streeter

Dean Russell

Mr. McClure, Dixie &
Richard Stoltz & Opal

Jeff Deere & Don Henderson
Rome, GA Gem & Mineral Society

Jeff & Don


A few cracked geodes

More geodes ready to load